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How To Find a Roofer

Hello DFW! I hope everyone is healthy during this hard time. We are so grateful for all of our amazing customers and their continued patronage. As most of you probably know spring time means destructive weather. We want to continue to support our community by providing some tips on how to choose the correct contractor when comes to your roofing and exterior restoration needs.

1) Are they local or in the area?

Finding a local roofer in your area allows for you to know that they are accountable to YOUR community. This is also important in order to follow-up on warranty or claim issues. One of the reasons we have a brick and mortar, walk-in location is so our customers can have easy access to our team. So check and see if they have an office location - it is a full proof way of being able to connect with your contractor or in our case your local roofing experts!

2) How long have they been in business?

Install experience is very important when considering who is replacing your roofing system. How many years have they been in business and how long have they been working with the products they recommend? We like to think the more experience the better.

3) Do you know them or have they worked for someone that you know?

Some of our favorite customers come from referrals. It's the ultimate compliment when we get to work with a customer's friend or family member. It is in your best interest to be familiar with the roofer and with their past customers. You can always check out reviews on Google and Facebook or ask the roofer to provide you with a few past customer references.

4) Do their clients refer them?

Check the roofing company's past track record with friends or acquaintances. Use resources like the BBB, Home Advisor, Google Reviews, Facebook Reviews and just a general online search to make sure you're working with the best fit.

5) Can they do the type of work you need?

Not all work is the same, your style of shingle, type of construction, pitch of the roof everything makes a difference in obtaining the best quality outcome. It's normal that oftentimes "unusual houses" would have most of a cost associated. At the end of the day make sure that the company has the roofing experience you need.

6) Are they insured or bonded?

Unfortunately the state of Texas does not currently require licensing or insurance to operate as a roofing contractor. General Liability limits should be a concern because if something went wrong it could impact you. Ask for a certificate of Insurance before signing any paperwork. If they can't provide this to you then you're better off looking for someone that can.

7) Don't let the cost of the project be the only consideration.

Working with customers to get the right roof for their specific needs and/or wants is the number one priority. Staying within their preferred priced point is certainly best practices. However, be sure to look at the overall value as this is a more vigilant way to consider who you are using. What are you getting when you choose your contractor- the quality of materials, experience, accessibility. These should ALL play a factor in your overall decision. Think about the value - seeking out the cheapest option will likely get you just that cheap results.


What does your contractor have in place to make sure your property is safe and sound after the install. Find out about their maintenance and inspection program - what do they have in place to help maintain your roof year after year.

Repairing your property is a stressful process! We at NTX Roofing are here to help you through it. We have proven results and our customers will tell you we can meet and exceed all the considerations for choosing your contractor. Just call - 940.600.4137 or email - with any questions or to schedule a FREE INSPECTION (drone inspections available).

We are taking serious measures to ensure a contactless interaction during the contract and inspection process, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We look forward to speaking with you and guiding you through this process.


-Abe and the NTX Team

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